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January 2024


Bioclimatic, safe, comfortable, economical and respectful of the environment

  • Published by Routledge. January 2024
French version
This updated and improved English edition was created to satisfy the demand generated by the success of the first French edition (more than 1,700 copies distributed) and the positive feedback from readers. The presence of «Conception de Maisons Tropicales» in libraries of schools of architecture and engineering and being cited in congresses has led many to consider it as reference document, with strong expectations for an English edition. Compare to the first French edition, this one incorporates many new technical and scientific data, references to current standards, enriched the section devoted to natural refreshment and urban aeraulics, adds an example of EcoVillage, the achievements of four new architects representing the major tropical regions of the world and a chapter devoted to buildings, all on 32 additional pages and via about 160 new tables, diagrams, photos, illustrations and logos.

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